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Canine Root Elevators for Precise Dental Procedures and Oral Health Care in Dogs

- Specialized Canine Root Elevators designed for veterinary dental procedures
- Crafted for efficient and gentle extraction of canine teeth in dogs
- Various sizes and angles cater to diverse dental anatomy and patient needs
- Stainless steel construction ensures durability and ease of sterilization
- Ergonomic handles for veterinarian comfort and precise control
- Facilitates safe and minimally invasive tooth extractions in canines
- Essential tools for veterinary dentistry, enhancing patient care
- Trusted by veterinarians for reliable and effective canine dental procedures
- Elevate your veterinary dental toolkit with precision Canine Root Elevators.

Product Code: MSA6175

Canine Root Elevator (RH) 15.2cm 6″

Product Code: MSA6176
Canine Root Elevator (LH) 15.2cm 6″

Product Code: MSA6177
Canine Root Elevator Straight 14cm 5.5″

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