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Dental Elevators and Luxators

Our Dental Elevators and Luxators feature a sturdy and ergonomic stubby handle, offering superior control and maneuverability during extractions. The sharp, stainless steel blades are designed to effortlessly separate periodontal ligaments and aid in tooth removal, minimizing trauma and reducing patient discomfort.
Choose our Dental Elevators and Luxators for precision, quality, and exceptional results. Experience the difference today.

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Canine Root Elevators for Precise Dental Procedures and Oral Health Care in Dogs

- Specialized Canine Root Elevators designed for veterinary dental procedures
- Crafted for efficient and gentle extraction of canine teeth in dogs
- Various sizes and angles cater to diverse dental anatomy and patient needs
- Stainless steel construction ensures durability and ease of sterilization
- Ergonomic handles for veterinarian comfort and precise control
- Facilitates safe and minimally invasive tooth extractions in canines
- Essential tools for veterinary dentistry, enhancing patient care
- Trusted by veterinarians for reliable and effective canine dental procedures
- Elevate your veterinary dental toolkit with precision Canine Root Elevators.

Product Code: MSA6175

Canine Root Elevator (RH) 15.2cm 6″

Product Code: MSA6176
Canine Root Elevator (LH) 15.2cm 6″

Product Code: MSA6177
Canine Root Elevator Straight 14cm 5.5″

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