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Equine Flat Shaft Floats

Introducing our high-quality Equine Flat Shaft Floats, the ultimate solution for professional equine dental care. Crafted with precision and durability, these floats are designed to ensure optimal oral health for horses. Each float in this comprehensive kit is veterinary approved and trusted by experts in the field. The flat shaft design provides effective dental floating, promoting the well-being of your horses. With ergonomic handles for comfortable handling, these floats reduce fatigue during dental procedures. The kit comes in a convenient storage case, keeping your tools organized and easily accessible. Elevate your equine dental care with our reliable and efficient Equine Flat Shaft Floats. Trust the tools that meet the rigorous standards of equine dental care. 

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FS7 Upturned Back Molar Float with Turned Head for Equine Dental Care
    • Overall Float Length: 58cm

  • The Length of the grip (handle) 17cm is included in the overall length of the float.

Elevate equine dental care with our FS7 Upturned Back Molar Float featuring a turned head. Crafted for precision, this essential tool ensures effective tooth filing for optimal oral health. Upgrade your farrier toolkit for superior outcomes in equine dental care. Explore the reliability of our FS7 Molar Float for precise and efficient dental maintenance.

Advanced FS2 Premolar Float with Inclined Head for Precise Equine Dental Maintenance

Elevate equine dental maintenance with our Advanced FS2 Premolar Float. The inclined head ensures precise tooth filing for optimal oral health. Upgrade your toolkit for superior equine dental care. Explore advanced solutions for effective and reliable dental maintenance.

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