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The Importance of Regular Teeth Floating for Horses


Just like regular veterinary check-ups and proper nutrition, dental care is a crucial aspect of maintaining the overall health and well-being of your equine companions. One key practice that should be a priority for every horse owner is "teeth floating." In this blog post, we'll delve into the significance of regular teeth floating for horses and why it's an essential part of their healthcare routine.

1. Understanding Teeth Floating:

Teeth floating, also known as dental floating, is the process of filing or rasping a horse's teeth to smooth out sharp edges and points. Horses' teeth continuously grow throughout their lives, and if not properly maintained, these sharp points can cause a range of issues, including discomfort, difficulty chewing, and even behavioral problems.

2. Improved Dental Comfort:

Imagine the discomfort of having a sharp edge in your mouth. For horses, sharp points on their teeth can cause pain and discomfort, especially during chewing. Regular teeth floating ensures that these sharp edges are smoothed out, providing a more comfortable experience for your horse and preventing the development of oral ulcers and sores.

3. Prevention of Dental Issues:

Failure to address dental problems promptly can lead to more serious issues down the line. Sharp points and uneven wear can result in malocclusions, where the teeth do not align correctly. This misalignment can lead to difficulty in chewing, weight loss, and even colic. By scheduling regular teeth floating sessions, horse owners can prevent these issues and ensure their horses maintain optimal dental health.

4. Improved Digestion and Nutrient Absorption:

Proper chewing is crucial for the digestion of food in horses. When dental issues hinder the chewing process, it can lead to inefficient digestion and a decreased ability to absorb nutrients from their feed. Regular teeth floating promotes proper chewing, ensuring that your horse can extract maximum nutrition from their diet, promoting overall health and vitality.

5. Behavioral Benefits:

Unaddressed dental issues can manifest in behavioral problems, such as resistance to the bit, head tossing, and difficulty accepting the bridle. Regular teeth floating helps maintain a comfortable and balanced oral cavity, contributing to a more cooperative and willing attitude in your horse.

6. Finding a Trusted Professional:

Teeth floating is a skilled procedure best performed by a qualified equine dentist or veterinarian. When considering dental care for your horse, look for a trusted professional with experience in equine dentistry. They can assess your horse's specific needs and create a customized dental care plan.


Regular teeth floating is not just a luxury for your horse; it's a fundamental component of responsible horse ownership. By prioritizing your horse's dental health, you contribute to their overall comfort, prevent potential issues, and promote optimal digestion and nutrient absorption. Schedule regular teeth floating sessions with a qualified professional to ensure your equine companions lead happy, healthy, and comfortable lives.

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