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Endoscopes & Dentistry Lights

Discover the perfect blend of innovation and functionality with our premium selection of Endoscopes & Dentistry Lights. Designed to elevate your dental practice to new heights, these cutting-edge instruments offer unrivaled precision and exceptional clarity. Our endoscopes provide clear visualization of the oral cavity, allowing for accurate diagnosis and precise treatment. Paired with our state-of-the-art dentistry lights, you'll have optimal illumination for every procedure. Crafted with the highest quality materials, these instruments are built to withstand the rigors of daily use while ensuring patient comfort. Upgrade your dental arsenal and unlock the true potential of your practice with our Endoscopes & Dentistry Lights.

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Magnetic Equine Speculum Light for Precise Procedures

Equine Dentistry Speculum Light

Our new Equine Dentistry Speculum Light is a very useful gadget for examining a horse's mouth. Floating horse's teeth made easy with the help of this latest addition to our equine dental equipment range. This is the best horse speculum light available in the market and is recommended by vets and equine dentists. 

  • Aluminium casing for extra durability & Improved Spiral cable.
  • Equine Dental Spec Light For Horse dental and teeth examination. Professional and durable specially designed for horse vets and equine dental technicians.
  • As good as daylight 435 LUX brightness for detailed examination of horses' teeth.
  • Strong Magnet Fitted For Easy Attachment to your Speculum and Bite plates. The battery pack is also magnet fitted for easy attachment to your gag.
  • Durable Aluminium Casing - Waterproof Light - Supplied with rechargeable battery pack for 5 hrs run time.
  • Slim Design Light thickness - UPGRADED DESIGN - Strong Magnet fitted on both light and battery pack to easily attach to your speculum.
Equine Dental Endoscope Camera for Veterinary Procedures
  • Produces high-resolution images and videos.
  • Data easily transferred over via Micro SD card.
  • 32GB Micro SD memory capacity
  • Live video capability via camera’s screen and image capture feature.
  • It comes with two interchangeable shafts (Straight and flexible shaft).
  • Shafts capable of 360o surround viewing angles.
  • Three Light settings for perfect aperture.
  • Lightweight one-handed operation.
  • Adjustable viewing angles 360o
  • Rechargeable battery-operated, charger supplied in the set.
  • Supplied in a portable carry case.
Advanced Equine Dental Wireless Camera for Veterinary Procedures
  • Connects wirelessly to iOS and Android devices
  • Picture Resolution: 1280 x 720 HQ
  • Video Resolution: 1920 x 1080 HQ
  • High definition results, the best in the market
  • Compatible with all rigid endoscopes
  • The handheld camera allows one-touch picture and video capturing
  • Live stream on your devices – Capture videos/Photos using Device screen too
  • Easy to use App software for your devices
  • Store images and videos directly onto your device
  • On/off, video record, White balance, picture
  • Rechargeable, 4 hours battery life
Head Light for Veterinary Dentistry and Medical Procedures
  • LED 5W (white light), Brightness 10000lux-28000lux
  • Adjustable light focus i.e wide or narrow?- Focus circumference min 15mm – 70mm max
  • Adjustable axis for various torch positions
  • Adjustable head straps for comfort fit
  • Lightweight design
  • Wireless power source for practitioner’s convenience
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