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Speculumns & Accessories

Our equine dentistry speculums are manufactured from high-quality stainless steel. Manufactured through a drop forged process, these gags provide extra durability and functional accuracy whilst in operation. Additionally, the universal fitting of our horse mouth speculums provides a unique feature of acceptability to use any sort of bite plates with them.

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Millennium Equine Dental Speculum with PVC Coated Straps: High-Quality Horse Dental Tool

  • Premium quality drop forged Equine dental speculum has small, deep ratchet settings to ensure a comfortable fit.
  • Complemented by a durable spring lock.
  • Easy to operate mechanism.
  • The release clips provide smooth motion to ease the opening and closing of the speculum.
  • Waterproof and easy-to-clean PVC-coated straps.
  • Equipped with a "spreader bar effect" that keeps sides of the speculum bent outwards preventing collision with the horse's cheek during dental procedures.
Premium Hausman SE Horse Dental Speculum: High-Quality Equine Dental Tool


  • A drop forged speculum with six ratchet settings for multiple opening options. The extra depth of these ratchets provides extra security to avoid unexpected and accidental closing of the speculum.
  • It comes with PVC-coated straps that are flexible and easy to clean and use. Available with normal or extra wide bite plates.
  • Go extra secure to avoid chipping of horses' incisors by using these speculums with our newly designed rubber-fitted extra-wide bite plates.


  • Due to the standard fitting of our speculums, these can be used with normal bite plates or extra wide bite plates, therefore you have the option to get any type of bite plate with your speculum.
  • This speculum comes with a “spreader bar effect” that keeps the sides of the speculum bent outwards and does not collapse into the horse's cheek during dental procedures.

Durable product 10 years guarantee, Drop-forged manufacturing procedure. Tested by equine vets and horse dental technicians and dentists.

Premium Pony Miniature Dental Gag Speculum: High-Quality Equine Dental Tool

  • This dental speculum is ideal for small horses and ponies. Their smaller size enables technicians to work as normal but with a more secure fitting that does not swamp smaller heads.
  • Supplied with hard-wearing PVC-coated straps which are easy to clean and use.
  • This speculum comes with a “spreader bar effect” that keeps the sides of the speculum bent outwards and does not collapse into the horse's cheek during dental procedures.

This product comes with 10 years guarantee.

Premium Extra Wide Bite Plates: Rubber Fitted for Maximum Comfort and Fit

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  • Special rubber inlay provides protection against the chipping and slippage of the incisors.
  • The extra-wide arms keep the speculum away from the equine’s cheek. Their EXTRA LARGE SIZE design allows more working space to use various angles for easy access to different areas of the horse’s mouth.
  • Fitted with heavy-duty 5mm rubber for extra-long surface life. The specialized rubber is quite resistant against sharp incisors.
  • High front facade wall for extra room for the incisors to sit on.
Premium Extra Wide Bite Plates: Wide Fitting for Comfort and Functionality
  • These bite plates provide extra room for incisors to rest and reduce the risk of slipping off the plate due to their semi-circle shape.
  • The extra-wide arms keep the speculum away from the equine’s cheek providing more working space for the technicians to use various angles to access the horse’s mouth.
  • Suitable for both Hausman Speculum and Millennium Speculum.
Premium Equine Dental Gags with PVC Coated Straps: High-Quality Horse Dental Instruments

  • PVC Coated straps are hard-wearing, flexible, and easy to use with all types of speculums.
  • Assembled with high-quality brass buckles and rivets.
  • Easy to attach to the speculums with the help of screws supplied with the straps.
Premium Cheek Retractor for Equine Dentistry: High-Quality Dental Instrument

- Equine Dentistry Essential: Premium cheek retractor designed for precision in equine dental procedures.
- High-Quality Instrument: Crafted with top-tier materials, ensuring durability and reliable performance.
- Optimal Visibility: Facilitates clear and unobstructed views during dental examinations and treatments.
- Comfortable Design: Ergonomic and comfortable for both the practitioner and the equine patient.
- Veterinary-Approved: Trusted by veterinary professionals for its quality and effectiveness in equine dentistry.
- Streamlined Procedures: Enhance efficiency in dental work with this specialized and dependable tool.
- Professional-Grade: A preferred choice for equine dentistry, meeting the highest industry standards.
- Durability Matters: Invest in a premium cheek retractor for long-lasting and successful equine dental procedures.
- Essential Tool: An indispensable instrument for equine dental care, ensuring optimal oral health for horses.
- Veterinary Precision: Achieve precise and reliable results with this high-quality dental instrument.

A stainless steel equine retractor can be used to extend the equine cheek away from the molars in order to inspect the arcades before and after work.

Premium Equine Dental Mouth Wedge: High-Quality Mouth Opener for Horse Dentistry

Description :

  • It comes with the ball and two different-sized rubber fittings.
  • Inserted between cheek teeth to hold incisors apart.
  • The hard-wearing Teflon is also very helpful in preventing tooth fractures.
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