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Equine Dentistry Forceps

Premium range of Equine Dental forceps to carry out a variety of Equine Dental extraction procedures. Perfectly suited to perform a diverse amount of work, from Fragment Removal to Molar Extraction and even Molar Spreading. Constructed from high-quality stainless steel and designed to be precise yet durable, these forceps are by far one of the best on the market.

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Premium Equine Dental Forceps Four Prong 21"


Universal Four-Root Molar Forceps

Our new design of four-prong molar forceps, altered prong size, and better molar gripping structure. These forceps are ideal for various-sized molar teeth extractions.

  • Premium Quality Durable Stainless Steel
  • Length 21″
Premium Equine Dental Molar Forceps with Fulcrum 21"

  • Forceps with inclined serrated jaws that produce parallel positioning to grip the molars at the point of extraction.
  • It comes with a removable and adjustable fulcrum that provides a leverage effect if required during the extraction procedures.
  • This screw-type fulcrum can come apart if not required.
Premium Equine Dental Fragment Extraction Forceps 21"

Long molar root and fragment extractor with a long head and grooved jaws to securely grasp roots and fragments that may remain after molar extraction.

Premium Equine Dental Forceps Hewson Style
  • The new addition to our range of horse dentistry caps and molar extraction forceps.
  • Improved serrated jaws and angle to extract the deciduous teeth.
  • The handles of the forceps are improved by altering the gap between the shafts for a comfort grip during operations.
  • Length 16″, heavy-duty horse dental forceps are manufactured using surgical graded stainless steel.
Premium Equine Dental Forceps Long Nose 21"
  • 21″ forceps for precise access to fragments. 
  • Long Nose forceps for root fragment extraction. Serrated jaws for a secure grip.
  • Manufactured using premium quality durable stainless steel.
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