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Equine Ophthalmology

Crafted with utmost care and expertise, our instruments are specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of equine ophthalmology procedures. From delicate speculums to precise scissors and forceps, our comprehensive range ensures optimal vision and protection for your equine patients. With a focus on preventing potential eye damage, our instruments are trusted by veterinarians worldwide. Elevate your equine ophthalmology practice with our high-quality instruments and experience enhanced surgical outcomes. Trust in our commitment to excellence and join the ranks of satisfied veterinary professionals. Contact us today to learn more about our Equine Ophthalmology instruments. 

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Advanced Ophthalmic Kit for Comprehensive Eye Care Solutions

Kit Includes :

1 x Halstead Mosquito Forceps 13cm 5" Str

1 x Halstead Mosquito Forceps 13cm 5" Cvd

1 x Francis Chalazion Forceps Oval Medium

1 x Castroviejo Needle Holder 14.5cm 5.5"TC Jaws

1 x Barraquer Wire Speculum

1 x Colibri Forceps


Iris Scissors for Surgical and Medical Procedures
- Iris Scissors for Surgical and Medical Procedures, precision surgical instruments designed for delicate cutting tasks.
- Crafted with fine, sharp blades and stainless steel construction for durability, longevity, and easy sterilization.
- Ideal for ophthalmic, plastic, and general surgeries, providing versatility in various medical procedures.
- Small and lightweight design allows for precise control and maneuverability in confined spaces.
- Provides surgeons with the ability to make fine and controlled incisions, enhancing procedural accuracy.
- Essential for tasks such as cutting sutures, delicate tissues, and fine materials in medical settings.
- Trusted for its precision and reliability, making it a staple in surgical and medical toolkits.
- Elevate your surgical toolkit with Iris Scissors, ensuring meticulous and efficient cutting during medical procedures.
Basic Ophthalmic Kit for Routine Eye Care Needs
Meet routine eye care needs with our Basic Ophthalmic Kit. This comprehensive set provides essential tools for routine examinations and basic eye care. Elevate your practice with reliable tools designed for everyday eye care needs. Explore the versatility of our Basic Ophthalmic Kit today.
Precision 4.5" Curved Stevens Tenotomy Scissors for Surgical Procedures
Elevate surgical precision with our 4.5" Curved Stevens Tenotomy Scissors. Crafted for optimal control, these precision scissors ensure reliable cutting in delicate surgical procedures. Upgrade your surgical toolkit for superior outcomes. Explore the reliability of our Curved Stevens Tenotomy Scissors for meticulous and effective care in various medical procedures.
Precise 11cm Castroviejo Corneal Scissors for Surgical Accuracy

- High-precision Castroviejo Corneal Scissors for ophthalmic procedures
- Crafted for delicate corneal surgery with meticulous accuracy
- Fine, sharp blades designed to ensure clean and precise cuts
- Stainless steel construction for durability and corrosion resistance
- Ergonomic design for surgeon comfort and optimal control
- Ideal for ophthalmic surgeons and eye specialists
- Enables intricate and detailed work in corneal surgeries
- Trustworthy tool for achieving exceptional surgical outcomes
- Enhance your surgical toolkit with the precision of Castroviejo Corneal Scissors.

- Available in Left & Right Hand Side



Precise 3.25" Castroviejo Eye Speculum for Optimal Ophthalmic Procedures
Optimize ophthalmic procedures with our 3.25" Castroviejo Eye Speculum. Crafted for precision and optimal control, this essential tool ensures reliable eye examination and surgery. Elevate your ophthalmology toolkit for superior outcomes in delicate eye procedures. Explore the reliability of our Castroviejo Eye Speculum for meticulous and effective care.
Barraquer Wire Speculum with Solid Blades for Precise Procedures
Optimize precision in medical procedures with our Barraquer Wire Speculum featuring solid blades. This essential tool ensures accurate positioning and stability. Elevate your surgical toolkit for meticulous procedures. Explore the reliability of Barraquer Wire Speculum for superior outcomes.
Eyelid Speculum for Precise Medical Procedures
Elevate precision in medical procedures with our Eyelid Speculum. Designed for optimal control and visibility, this essential tool ensures precise examination and treatment of the eyelid. Upgrade your medical toolkit for superior outcomes in ophthalmic procedures. Explore the reliability of our Eyelid Speculum for meticulous care.
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